Lauren + Chris | Wilder Ranch Engagement Session

I've known Lauren since we were really little—maybe 1st or 2nd grade? Honestly I can't remember. We went to the same schools—Elementary, Jr. High, High School. Within our little friend group we were "Lo & Jo", at times completely inseparable, and as we grew older, she went off to study at Berkeley, I stayed in Santa Cruz to pursue an art degree, and as this life often moves too fast, we fell out of touch. When Lauren sent me a message on Facebook a few months ago asking if I was available to shoot her wedding, I have to admit, I was SO EXCITED! You all know that feeling of seeing your old and dear friends from a far on Facebook, as they get engaged, married, and start creating little ones—that feeling of "wow, I'd love to see him/her after all this time!" I had just seen news of her engagement to Chris, and was already excited for her, but getting that message meant the world to me. I can't wait to see her in her wedding dress, her dad walking her down the aisle—I feel so honored that these two choose us to be a part of their big day!


And on top of all that, Lauren and Chris are a gorgeous couple! We went out to Wilder Ranch for their engagement session, and it couldn't have been a more perfect day (or more perfect location!). It was a rainy weekend, but it cleared up just in time for us to take advantage of Wilder's coast-meets-western vibe. (Aren't we spoiled with locations out here in California?!) Here are my favorites from the day.

Sethers + Love,



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Sethers + Love

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